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Acceptable Use Policy

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If you have reason to believe that one of our users is violating your copyrights or is using Woo55 to publish illegal contents, please send an e-mail to zeskty [@] Gmail.com Required information Please note that we only follow up messages that meet the following requirements: Please provide us with your name, address and telephone number. Explain which copyrighted material is affected. If it a case of files with illegal contents, please describe the contents briefly in two or three points. Please provide the exact and complete Woo55 download link of the file Give details of the address of the webpage that published the link. If there are several Woo55 links, please include all links with complete details in your message. Please do not send any attachments. Simply insert the details in text format into the message. (Example: http://www.woo55.pk/play/FILENAME-mp3). Please ensure that you can receive further enquiries from us at the e-mail address you are writing from. Notice Anonymous or incomplete messages will not be dealt with. Thank you for your understanding.